Pet Registration Requirements for Boarding and Day Care


Every dog must complete our temperament test before he/she will be able to participate in Doggy Day

Care or Cage-Free Boarding.

Every dog and cat must be current on all vaccinations.

All dogs must have the following vaccinations:

Distemper (1 Year or 3 Year)

Rabies (1 Year or 3 Year)

Bordetella / Kennel Cough (Every Six Months)

Your dog must be well-socialized. He/she cannot be protective of toys, people or space, and be neither

aggressive, nor extremely anxious and/or nervous.

You must read and agree to our policies.

All pets using any of The Dog House Pet Salon facilities or services must be approachable by staff.

We may refuse service to any pet that snaps or bites at humans for ANY reason.