Welcome to The Dog House Pet Salon. We're animal lovers, just like you.

We are a full service pet care facility. We provide boarding, grooming and doggy day care services. We also provide retail products such as vitamins, food and doggy apparel.

We provide the ultimate hang out for dogs. We strive to provide the highest level of pet care in the entire industry. Our goal is to improve the lives of every dog and owner with whom we come into contact.

Our mission is to be fair, honest and trustworthy.

Our vision is to promote safe, loving, long-term relationships between our staff and all pets by providing a continuum of services and programs that are innovative, personalized, and of high-quality to improve socialization and reward good behavior.

The Dog House Pet Salon is a grooming spa and resort providing the best in class care for your dog

Our pet groomers are experts at dog grooming and pampering

We are a one stop shop for all of your pet needs including natural foods and snacks

Grooming your dog provides both short-term and long-term health benefits

Your dog or cat can experience luxury cage free boarding with our dedicated suites and penthouses

Your dog is safe and having fun with supervised doggie playtime by our canine companion staff

Pets that socialize stay fit, sleep better and suffer fewer symptoms of stress

After a day of doggy day care, your exuberant pet will be calm and ready to relax with you

Our play areas are full of exciting play equipment and our staff is attentive and well-trained.

Missing your dog ? Our webcam is accessible 24/ 7 and allows you to check in on your pet

Log into our webcam and be assured your dog is safe and happy

A tired dog, like a tired child, goes to bed without a fuss and sleeps through the night.

Avoid doggie boredom and loneliness with our doggie play date time

Vacation with confidence that your dog is in their home away from home

Our cage free boarding allows your dog to safely roam and play

Our loving staff will care, feed and ensure your dog is treated like a VIP, (very important pet) while you are away

Relax while on your vacation while your animal is tended to and well taken care of....

We look forward to meeting you and your pet.